Avatar II: Navatar (Part 1) (Leaked Script Story)

Brief: Jake reminisces about the past.

Detail: Na’vi Jake reminisces of the past about him arriving with the other humans in Pandora, and their colonial and exploitative missions and activities, and the destructive events which resulted thereof.


Jake while riding his Ikran all around the new Omaticaya Gathering Grounds which is before the human base, reminisces about the recent past events which has happened to their clan. He talks of how humans by 2154 had finally depleted their own planet Earth’s natural resources which leads to a severe energy crisis in the planet, and had the Resources Development Administration (RDA) come to Pandora, a densely forested habitable moon orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri star system, and colonized and explored it to mine for the valuable mineral, unobtanium. He says the planet is inhabited by the Na’vi people, 10-foot tall (3.0 m), blue-skinned, sapient humanoids who live in harmony with nature and worship a mother goddess called Eywa, and he says the Na’vi are an indigenous species who are humanoid in appearance and are 9 to 10 feet (2.7 to 3.0 m) tall, having pairs of eyes, ears, arms, legs and feet like humans, as well as a nose, a mouth, and expressions recognizable to humans, and that the Na’vi differ from humans in having blue striped skin, pointed and mobile ears, large eyes, catlike noses and teeth, tails, and hands each with three fingers and a thumb (he says in bracket that hybrid avatars on the other hand retain the five-fingered hands of their human DNA). He says while taller than humans, they have narrower proportions in body frame, and that their bones are reinforced with naturally occurring carbon fiber, and that they also have a distinctive tendril feature protruding from the back of their heads, surrounded by hair (he says in bracket that it resembles a long plait or queue), feeding directly into the brain, and this organ allows them to connect with other organisms around them, transferring electrochemical signals such as thoughts and memories to the trees, plants, and other creatures.
He says the Na’vi’s planet’s atmosphere is toxic and poisonous to humans
and as a result the humans could not have themselves colonize and explore the
planet and consequentially conduct their mining activities and operations, and
this resultantly lead the humans to create and operate Na’vi-human hybrids
which they called “avatars”, operated by genetically matched humans, so as use
for the exploration of the Na’vi planet. He says that he as a paraplegic former
marine was brought to Pandora on a mission to explore its biosphere, and he
came replacing his deceased twin brother, and also as an operator of the one
avatar which was formerly that of his deceased twin brother. He talks about how
when been assigned as a bodyguard to protect the avatars of Grace and scientist
Norm Spellman as they collected biological data, he was attacked by a thanator
and fled into the forest, where he was rescued by Neytiri, a female Na’vi who
took him to her clan, whereupon Neytiri’s mother, Mo’at, the clan’s spiritual
leader, ordered him to be initiated into their society.
He talks of how Colonel Miles Quaritch, head of RDA’s private security
force, promised him that the company will restore his legs if he gathers
information about the Na’vi Omaticaya and the clan’s gathering place, a giant
tree called Hometree, on grounds that it stands above the richest deposit of
unobtanium in the area. But he says he instead grows to sympathize with the
natives, and after he is initiated into the tribe, and he and Neytiri choose each
other as mates, and he soon afterwards reveals his change of allegiance as he
attempts to disable a bulldozer that threatens to destroy a sacred Na’vi site, the
Tree of Voices, but however finally destroys it; and which leads to Parker
Selfridge, the corporate administrator for the RDA mining operation, ordering
Hometree to be destroyed. He says that unable to convince the Na’vi to evacuate
before the attack on Hometree commences, the Na’vi instead take him and Grace
captive after he confessed to being a spy, and this action in turn causes
Quaritch’s men to destroy Hometree, killing along Neytiri’s father the clan chief
Eytukan, and many other Na’vi clansmen and natives. He says Mo’at freed him
and Grace, but they were detached from their avatars and imprisoned by
Quaritch’s forces, but they at last succeeded in escaping, and Grace is hit as
Quaritch fires at them during their escape.
He says to regain the Na’vi’s trust, he connected his mind to that of Toruk, a
dragon-like predator feared and honored by the Na’vi, and he went and found the
Omaticaya refugees at the sacred Tree of Souls and pleaded with Mo’at to heal
Grace. He says Grace died as the clan attempted to transfer her from her human
body into her avatar with the aid of the Tree of Souls, and she even died before
the process could complete. He continues that as Toruk Makto and supported by
the new chief Tsu’tey who acted as his translator, he united the Omaticaya clan
and together they gathered all of the clans to battle against the RDA. And
Quaritch on noticing the impending gathering organized a pre-emptive strike
against the Tree of Souls, and during the subsequent battle, the Na’vi suffered
heavy casualties, but were rescued when Pandoran wildlife unexpectedly joined
the attack and overwhelmed the humans, and he then destroyed a makeshift
bomber before it could reach the Tree of Souls. He says he then battled with
Quaritch and as this one prepared to slit his avatar’s throat, he was saved by
Neytiri who killed Quaritch and saved him from suffocation as Quaritch broke
open the avatar link unit containing his human body. He concludes by saying
that all humans were expelled from Pandora and sent back to Earth with the
exceptions of Dr. Norm, Dr. Max, and a select few other scientists, and he Jake
was transferred permanently into his avatar with the aid of the Tree of Souls; and he is now fully and entirely a Na’vi being.
From the clan’s everyday life, and in the eyes and mind of Jake as he witnesses and reports it out, sometime later after the humans are driven from Pandora, the Omaticaya natives under the clan leadership of Tsu’tey who now presently rules with the widowed Tsahik Mo’at, and an appointed and delegated Council of the Clans’ Clansmen, as he is still young and new to the chieftaincy and its duty and expectations and requirements; all reside in an open gathering created and called the Gathering Grounds by the Omaticaya natives and clansmen, and they live in clusters and clutches in the gathering’s grounds in between the forest’s edge and the former human military base. Tsu’tey is now the Omaticaya clan leader as he is successor to the Chieftaincy and Chieftainship of the clan which he took over from late Eytukan who was mate to Mo’at and who are Neytiri’s parents, and Mo’at was consort to the late clan leader Eytukan in his life time, and Mo’at is still the Omaticaya’s spiritual leader. Jake says many things have changed in the clan since the human destruction of their lands and forests, and especially the destruction of their Hometree and of other sacred trees like the Tree of Voices; and the Omaticaya no longer reside in their Hometree as it was destroyed, and they haven’t yet succeeded in locating a suitable and adequate Hometree for their clan to reside in safely and securely and peaceably. He says most of the indigenous natives and clansmen now spend most of their time under the Tree of Souls praying to Eywa for the welfare and stability and security and peace of the clan.
However, he says there are some traditional and indigenous traits and features of the Na’vi which is still part of the Omaticaya people, which still have not changed and will never change as it is part of them and their lives, and featuring amongst the Na’vi traditional practices and way of living observed by the Omaticaya people is that they do still live in a community way-like and practice communalism and socialism and social life amongst themselves. He says they also do still commune with animals by plugging their braid into the creatures’ nerve systems, and to become a warrior, they tame and ride a flying creature known as Ikran, and the Na’vi also use this neural bonding system, called “tsaheylu”, to mate with a “life partner”, a bond that, when made, cannot be broken in the Na’vi’s lifetime, which he says is akin to human marriage. He also witnesses and mentally reports that the Na’vi way of life still revolves around their religion, and the Home tree, and the fact that the Na’vi do also still sleep in hammocks in large groups for comfort and as a warning system. He also says the Na’vi daily way of life is still the same as they go out during the day to hunt riding on their Direhorses (Pa’li) and come back from the hunt in the evening, while however for now as it is the practice, other natives and clansmen ride all day long adventurously and wanderingly on their Mountain Banshees (Ikran) in search of a better Hometree and other important traditional and customary Trees which will be useful to the Na’vi in their everyday life, and many other natives and clansmen also commit themselves to diverse other activities during the day; and at night they all gather under the Tree of Souls where they pray to Eywa, and later retire to their gathering where they eat and drink, sing and dance, lie and sleep, and celebrate their connection to Eywa.


So ends the First Part of the Avatar Story.


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